My Takeaways From ‘The Rich Employee’ By James Altucher

COLLIN HARNESS An entrepreneur is someone who has a job, but it’s a job he made up all by herself. The Rich Employee is a book about about working for a business and also being an entrepreneur. It is a collection of stories and tips and actions from James Altucher which he used to beContinue reading “My Takeaways From ‘The Rich Employee’ By James Altucher”

Become Rich By Mastering Your Cash Flow

COLLIN HARNESS You are either a slave to money or a master of money. This was a huge problem for me, I had no idea what money was coming in and money clue what was going out. I knew that I had to pay rent, but that is where it ended. How much was IContinue reading “Become Rich By Mastering Your Cash Flow”

10 Lessons from my 2020 trip to Colorado during a pandemic and forest fires

Why did I go to Colorado in 2020 when they are experiencing forest fires and you must wear a mask the entire time you are flying? To visit my sister with my parents. I rarely get to see her and we stayed in the town of Glenwood Springs deep in the Rocky Mountains. Life experiencesContinue reading “10 Lessons from my 2020 trip to Colorado during a pandemic and forest fires”

Your Ultimate Guide To The Emergency Fund

Having a fully funded emergency fund gives you the foundation to reach financial independence. Discover all the tools need to start and fuel your fund faster.