Stock Account As Savings Account

A person can increase their wealth faster if they use their stock account as their savings account. But do the risks outweigh the advantages?

The Only Investment You Will Ever Need To Become Rich

COLLIN HARNESS Stoping making your life so difficult. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The easiest way to build wealth in the stock market is through index investing. What is an index fund? According to and index fund is a mutual fund or ETF that seeks to track the returns of an overall. VTI –Continue reading “The Only Investment You Will Ever Need To Become Rich”

My Takeaways From ‘The Rich Employee’ By James Altucher

COLLIN HARNESS An entrepreneur is someone who has a job, but it’s a job he made up all by herself. The Rich Employee is a book about about working for a business and also being an entrepreneur. It is a collection of stories and tips and actions from James Altucher which he used to beContinue reading “My Takeaways From ‘The Rich Employee’ By James Altucher”