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Howdy! I’m Collin.

Dallas native here who started just like you. Twice I found myself broke and wondering: Where am I going to live? My mother was an elementary school teacher and I struggled to find my “purpose”.

Harness Money was created to be a community where everyone can receive the knowledge and tools they need to become rich and financially independent. We all need to be rich to make the biggest impact possible in this life.

I created this community, because I was tired of the paycheck to paycheck life and knew there had to be more than just coasting through life in a mundane existence.

It all starts with WHY?

WHY do YOU need to be rich?

Everyone needs to ask themselves this question. Being rich looks different for everyone.

For some people rich looks like this beach

For other people being rich means paying for your children’s college education or paying off your home mortgage.

Things you can do when you are rich:

  • Take care of your family
  • Travel the world in style
  • Give to charity
  • Quit your job or create a new job
  • Know financial independence
  • Make a bigger impact on the world

ANYONE can become rich! I truly believe this.

These pups are a part of my rich life

brother and sister Dexter and Piper

It took me a long time to understand money and make money work for me. Before I became rich, I had to get specific about what that really meant to me.

For instance, I do not care about cars. I live in Texas and to get to work you must have a car. But I do not care what kind of car you drive or what I drive. I appreciate the beauty of a nice car, but it is not a part of my rich life. I just need it to get me from point A to point B.

Being rich does not happen fast or easy, but there is a money formula that anyone can replicate.

Earn Money – Spend Money = Invest the rest

It does not matter where you start. Or how many mistake you have made.
I made a ton of mistakes, like investing in an oil stock that hit rock bottom or not picking the right major in college.

Stock market of one of my early investments.

What brings me infinite joy is meeting people right where they are on their journey to financial independence and listening to their story. Then helping them make the smartest money choices for their lives.

Having control over your money does not have to be complicated or expensive. When you set up your system and consistently contribute over time, you will be become wildly rich.

Want more?! Increase your income.

Each one of us has something special and unique. I completely believe that you are valuable.

Find out that spark that separates you from everyone else and make the most of it. That is what is going to take you to new heights.

Twice in my life I have found myself broke and homeless wondering: Where am I going to live?

All of my best thinking had led me to a low point in life. The second time I was broke I decided this cannot happen again. You must make better decisions. You must make different decisions.

I had to admit that I did not know what I was doing and I did not understand my money.

When you think of someone that is broke, you might think they were living the high life, spending above their means and racking up credit card debt. But my truth was that I just was not making a lot of money so when I lost my job I had nothing to fall back on. 

That low point has driven to develop new skills, create more value, meet new people and start my own business.

My mission is to help you take control of your money. Because we all need and use money. We all have a money story. The way you treat money shows your values.

My money journey started at $0. I had to lean how to invest, build wealth and become rich. It did not happen overnight and it took a lot of education. But it also is not hard. 

Once you know how money works you can start to make good choices that will build your net worth.

If I can go from Starbucks Barista to Tech Project manager to Entrepreneur then anyone can succeed.

Here is what you can learn about on my site:

  • Investing
  • Financial Independence
  • Money mindset
  • Starting a business
  • Growing your income
  • Living rich without the price tag
  • Puppy dog Dexter Taylor

Your time is limited, take the leap.

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