How much do I need to invest to replace my income?

Dividends give you fuel you need to replace you current income with investment income. The gains in your portfolio with come from capital gains and dividends paid to you. First, what is your income? That will determine how much you need. Right now COVID-19 is killing investment gains. But this is the perfect time toContinue reading “How much do I need to invest to replace my income?”

Stocks to hold for a lifetime

Some things never go out of style. People are always going to need food and energy. People are always going to need healthcare. Some companies have done such a good job please customers that they are going to be around a very long time. A lot of investors will tell you to invest in whatContinue reading “Stocks to hold for a lifetime”

The perfect asset allocation

Which assets should you invest in? Stocks, bonds, commodities there is an endless list if choices for assets you can choose to invest in. How do you know what is the best choice for you? The truth is it depends on your situation and age. There are also an infinite number of asset allocation choices,Continue reading “The perfect asset allocation”

Use dividends to reach financial freedom number

Investing in dividend stocks can replace your current income so you can reach financial freedom faster.

The benefits of passive income

How much passive income are you earning? Do we even know what passive income is or why it matters? If you don’t know what passive income is or why it matters you are never going to be able to quit working. You will never be able to retire. Passive income is what allows you toContinue reading “The benefits of passive income”