Stop trading time for money

I have wasted so much time sitting at my desk toiling away for a business that then later decided that I wasn’t necessary. I have work on project for a week only to be told at the end I did it all wrong and it had to be done all over again. I have satContinue reading “Stop trading time for money”

Why you should have an HSA

HSA account have been around for a bit, but they are definitely gaining in popularity. I have had one now for two years since my company started offering it as an option. The current HSA yearly contribution limit is 3500. But I have a feeling this will go up over time as more people openContinue reading “Why you should have an HSA”

Automate your finances now

It has been a moment since I wrote my last post. So I am happy to be back connecting with you. I have been on a mission to automate my personal financial system and it has totally changed the way that I think about money. I want everything to work seamlessly. Right now I workContinue reading “Automate your finances now”

My Top 5 Tech Stocks

Tech is one of the fastest growing sectors of the market. These 5 technology stocks are poised for high and fast revenue growth in the coming years.

My Top 5 Name Brand Stocks

Buy these 5 name brand stocks today and hold them for a lifetime to get rich and generate passive income.

How To Grow Your Money: 8 Ways To Grow Your Income

Your money should always be working for you. Money has a nature and characteristics that are universal. We all use money to buy products and services. What is not the same is how you are using money. What are we spending money on? Are you buying luxury items? Shoes, jewerly, fancy cars? These are allContinue reading “How To Grow Your Money: 8 Ways To Grow Your Income”

Make more money and get a better job with these websites

Use these sites to find a job or a better job. Compare your salary to earn more. Read company reviews to see which one is the best.