The 7 laws of money to become rich

Become rich following these laws of money.

The stock market never goes down

You need to be invested in the stock market to get rich. The market stock market always wins and increases over time.

10 Ideas – Becoming an idea machine.

Recently I have been reading: The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth by James Altucher He recommends that you become and Idea Machine and I really like the concept so I am going to start doing this. Basically you mind vomit 10 ideas about anything onto the page and you continue to do this indefinitely. You get toContinue reading “10 Ideas – Becoming an idea machine.”

Stocks to hold for a lifetime

Some things never go out of style. People are always going to need food and energy. People are always going to need healthcare. Some companies have done such a good job please customers that they are going to be around a very long time. A lot of investors will tell you to invest in whatContinue reading “Stocks to hold for a lifetime”