You need to take more risks

Stop being afraid and take more risk. Risks lead to growth. Failure is not the end, just a learning experience. Dont let other people project their fear onto you.

Stocks to hold for a lifetime

Some things never go out of style. People are always going to need food and energy. People are always going to need healthcare. Some companies have done such a good job please customers that they are going to be around a very long time. A lot of investors will tell you to invest in whatContinue reading “Stocks to hold for a lifetime”

Use dividends to reach financial freedom number

Investing in dividend stocks can replace your current income so you can reach financial freedom faster.

My Top 5 Tech Stocks

Tech is one of the fastest growing sectors of the market. These 5 technology stocks are poised for high and fast revenue growth in the coming years.

My Top 5 Name Brand Stocks

Buy these 5 name brand stocks today and hold them for a lifetime to get rich and generate passive income.