Harness Money Tip #19

Invest for the next 10 years. When you look at your stock portfolio is it filled with stocks targeting the past or the future? I want to be investing in sectors and businesses that have massive growth potential. Because this how you scale your portfolio from $100 – $1,000 – $10,000 – $100,000 – $1,000,000.Continue reading “Harness Money Tip #19”

Harness Money Tip #18

Your money should always be working for you. Growing The worst thing you could do is stuff money under your mattress. Because money loses value over time due to inflation. Your money should always be growing. Interest from a bank is growth. Buying an assets that provides income is growth. Investing in stocks that appreciateContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #18”

Harness Money Tip #16

Ignore the noise. Everyday there is a lot of information that is coming at me. News, family, friends, partner, social media etc. And they are all well intentioned, but I have to shut them out at times and focus on my voice. What drives you? What lights you up? Outside forces cannot fulfill you. BlockContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #16”

Harness Money Tip #12

Start investing as early as possible. Even if it is just $1 per week. And then be consistent. Even if you need to save up money to make sure that you have enough to invest in the market every single week. Investing should become your habit in good times and bad. The earlier you startContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #12”

My Favorite Stocks For 2021

My favorite 2021 stocks to massively grow your portfolio.