Harness Money Tip #43

Audit your daily habits. Are they serving you and your money? Maybe something needs to change. If you are living paycheck to paycheck then you need to change your habits. Cut out something that does not give you a better future and put that money into savings, or paying down debt or investing more intoContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #43”

Harness Money Tip #42

Talk openly to your partner about money. Money and relationships can be hard, because no one thinks exactly the same way about money. When I was growing up as a child my mother and father were two different money pages. My mother invested in the stock market and my father did not. Do not waitContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #42”

Harness Money Tip #36

The majority of wealth people are owners. They do not just have a bank account full of cash. They own valuable assets. Primarily businesses of one kind or another that bring in cash. Every single person can become an owner. You have the ability to create something of value and monetize it or you canContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #36”