Harness Money Tip #18

Your money should always be working for you. Growing The worst thing you could do is stuff money under your mattress. Because money loses value over time due to inflation. Your money should always be growing. Interest from a bank is growth. Buying an assets that provides income is growth. Investing in stocks that appreciateContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #18”

Harness Money Tip #17

Find your mentors. Mentors can come from anywhere and be anyone. The people that I have followed the most and looked up to the most, I have never met. I have read their books and listened to their podcasts and watched their videos. You need someone that has been successful to look up to andContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #17”

Harness Money Tip #16

Ignore the noise. Everyday there is a lot of information that is coming at me. News, family, friends, partner, social media etc. And they are all well intentioned, but I have to shut them out at times and focus on my voice. What drives you? What lights you up? Outside forces cannot fulfill you. BlockContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #16”

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Credit Score

There are 3 simple things you can do to increase your credit score for life.

15 Lessons From GameStop

COLLIN HARNESS The Gamestop saga had all the drama needed for a Hollywood movie. And I must admit that there was a tiny part of me that wanted to participate in the action. But these days I know better than to follow the crowd when it comes to investing. Ultimately, I decided to avoid theContinue reading “15 Lessons From GameStop”