Harness Money Tip #8

There is no one path to financial freedom. Everyone takes a slightly different path to get there. In my lifetime, I have done many different jobs and had to reinvent myself several different times. Do not be trapped by the belief that there is only one job out there for you to be successful. ThereContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #8”

Harness Money Tip #6

Take care of your mental health. There is no point in building wealth if you lose your mental health. You will not be able to enjoy your money or your life. Once I was in a relationship that was not working out. It was like a mental cloud was hanging over me that I feltContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #6”

How much do I need to invest to replace my income?

Dividends give you fuel you need to replace you current income with investment income. The gains in your portfolio with come from capital gains and dividends paid to you. First, what is your income? That will determine how much you need. Right now COVID-19 is killing investment gains. But this is the perfect time toContinue reading “How much do I need to invest to replace my income?”

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The stock market never goes down

You need to be invested in the stock market to get rich. The market stock market always wins and increases over time.