Harness Money Tip #33

National politics are important, but political outcomes are difficult, if not impossible for an individual to control. It is much easier to control things in your everyday life. The community around you, who you spend your time with, what you eat and your relationship with money. Focus on mastering the things in your life youContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #33”

23 more passive income ideas to get to financial independence

Creating multiple streams of income can be the different between working for an employer an extra 5 or 10 years. There are lots of benefits of passive income: You get to be creative You get to be the boss You build self confidence Helps you reach financial independence faster Here is 23 more passive incomeContinue reading “23 more passive income ideas to get to financial independence”

Checking Vs. Savings and why does it even matter?

Know the difference between checking and savings and how it can impact your net worth. Earn. Save. Invest the rest.

18 passive income ideas

Choose a passive income idea and be persistent. You money can grow exponentially is you work at it.

The benefits of passive income

How much passive income are you earning? Do we even know what passive income is or why it matters? If you don’t know what passive income is or why it matters you are never going to be able to quit working. You will never be able to retire. Passive income is what allows you toContinue reading “The benefits of passive income”