10 Growth Stocks To Help You Get Started Building a MASSIVE Stock Market Investment Portfolio

BY COLLIN HARNESS If you are a brand new investor in the stock market you need to create a solid stock foundation. You achieve this by investing selecting one or two large growth stocks that will long term growth and safety. Which growth stocks should you select? The goal of investing is to increase yourContinue reading “10 Growth Stocks To Help You Get Started Building a MASSIVE Stock Market Investment Portfolio”

Harness Money Tip #33

National politics are important, but political outcomes are difficult, if not impossible for an individual to control. It is much easier to control things in your everyday life. The community around you, who you spend your time with, what you eat and your relationship with money. Focus on mastering the things in your life youContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #33”

Harness Money Tip #29

These 4 biggest expenses are keeping most people from being wealthy.

Harness Money Tip #10

Do not neglect your credit score. You never know when you may need to take out a loan for a house or car or health emergency. And having a high credit score will give you the best loan rates. Building a good credit score takes time and education. The basics: Pay your credit card billContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #10”

You should create your own holding company

I am totally fascinated by holding companies. The 2 most famous holding companies are Berkshire Hathaway and iCahn Enterprises. Warren Buffet and Carl Icahn. 2 Legendary investors who created one business that own several different businesses. They did not create the idea of owning more than 1 business. Big businesses have been purchasing smaller businessesContinue reading “You should create your own holding company”

The stock market never goes down

You need to be invested in the stock market to get rich. The market stock market always wins and increases over time.

Tips to be more productive and earn more income

Use these tips to be more productive and make more money.

22 more side hustle ideas

Reach financial independence faster using these side hustle ideas. We can all use a few extra dollars.

Checking Vs. Savings and why does it even matter?

Know the difference between checking and savings and how it can impact your net worth. Earn. Save. Invest the rest.