Harness Money Tip #5

Credit card debt is bad debt. Why? Because it adds up quickly. But more importantly, if you are racking up credit card debt this means that you are not focused on investing and growing that net worth. I want you to be rich. And that only happens by having less stuff and more assets. IfContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #5”

Stock Account As Savings Account

A person can increase their wealth faster if they use their stock account as their savings account. But do the risks outweigh the advantages?

My favorite index funds

Index funds are the simplest road to wealth. What the hell is an index fund? Index funds were create by Jack Bogle, the founder and CEO of the Vanguard Group. He recently passed away and was one of my personal heroes. He really changed the world and has made the world a better place, particularlyContinue reading “My favorite index funds”

Net Worth – February 2020

My net worth in February.