Pay Yourself First – Step By Step

COLLIN HARNESS One of the oldest ways to save money and build wealth is to build a money system and pay yourself first. We all have many financial obligations competing for our money and attention, but none of those obligations are as important as preparing for future. It is extremely unlikely that you will winContinue reading “Pay Yourself First – Step By Step”

Harness Money Tip #35

If you are trying to get rid of credit card debt, transfer that debt to a 0% APR credit card. This immediately stops the balance amount from growing larger and your hole getting deeper. For more tips like this check out the Harness Money Newsletter. It’s Free!

Harness Money Tip #31

Simplicity is often better than complexity when investing.

Harness Money Tip #27

Talk with other people about your money situation. Wether you are in debt or saving for retirement there are other people in the exact same situation as you. Talking about your financial position can make you not feel alone and give you motivation to continue pursuing your goals. Sometimes the best encouragement for yourself isContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #27”

Harness Money Tip #24

No matter what you do for work, love it or hate, give it 100%. Working hard and being dedicated to something takes work and practice. Nothing is as easy as it looks. When you find something that you do love and are passionate about you will have cultivated a strong work ethic that will propelContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #24”