How to become financially independent

What you are doing now won’t get you to where you want to be. If you want to quit your job you need to become financially independent.

How much do I need to invest to replace my income?

Dividends give you fuel you need to replace you current income with investment income. The gains in your portfolio with come from capital gains and dividends paid to you. First, what is your income? That will determine how much you need. Right now COVID-19 is killing investment gains. But this is the perfect time toContinue reading “How much do I need to invest to replace my income?”

Coming out with my next book

I have really been loving writing and publishing my books through Amazon. There is something really satisfying about creating some and sending it out into world and then getting feeback from the audience. My goal is always to provide as much value to the reader as possible. As much information and knowledge that I haveContinue reading “Coming out with my next book”

Power attracts money, powerless repels money

Anyone can become powerful. Money equals freedom and power.

Your goal needs to be to max out your 401k as quickly as possible

You need to be rich. The way to get rich is to max out your 401k as soon as possible.