10 Lessons from my 2020 trip to Colorado during a pandemic and forest fires

Why did I go to Colorado in 2020 when they are experiencing forest fires and you must wear a mask the entire time you are flying? To visit my sister with my parents. I rarely get to see her and we stayed in the town of Glenwood Springs deep in the Rocky Mountains. Life experiencesContinue reading “10 Lessons from my 2020 trip to Colorado during a pandemic and forest fires”

The 7 laws of money to become rich

Become rich following these laws of money.

You should create your own holding company

I am totally fascinated by holding companies. The 2 most famous holding companies are Berkshire Hathaway and iCahn Enterprises. Warren Buffet and Carl Icahn. 2 Legendary investors who created one business that own several different businesses. They did not create the idea of owning more than 1 business. Big businesses have been purchasing smaller businessesContinue reading “You should create your own holding company”

The ROTH IRA is the greatest thing ever, get one if you want to be rich

If you want to be rich, which should be your goal you should be investing into a ROTH IRA.

The stock market never goes down

You need to be invested in the stock market to get rich. The market stock market always wins and increases over time.