The simplest math behind financial independence

Financial independence feels impossible for me. You reach financial independence when you have 25 times your expenses. Step 1: Calculate your expenses Me: 20,000 per year Step 2: multiple your annual expenses by 25 Me: 20,000 x 25 = 500,000 In theory, I need $500,000 to “retire” and live off my “investments”. Based on theContinue reading “The simplest math behind financial independence”

My personal feelings about retirement

My view of retirement is completely different from my parents. There are so many beliefs that I hold that are completely opposite than my parents. My parents are conservative, I am liberal. They are counting on Social Security. I have no plans on relying on Social Security. I do not believe that I will everContinue reading “My personal feelings about retirement”

Your savings should always work for you

Cash in the bank gives you the most comfort. Knowing that you a significant amount of money waiting for you can give you a lot of freedom. If I lost my job tomorrow, yes I am an employee for a business, I really would not mind. It would be a bummer and I would haveContinue reading “Your savings should always work for you”

The tech piggy bank

This is the best time to be alive. Even in the face of a virus pandemic, all of us have so many things to be thankful for in our lives. I am thankful for technology. My parents always talk about the “good old days”. I never correct them when they talk about it, but IContinue reading “The tech piggy bank”

Are you living up to your financial potential?

There are many days where I feel like I am not living up to my potential. A lot of times my life feels like ground hog day. Or living for the weekend. Wake up, go to work, repeat. My work is not especially hard. And I am great at what I do. I know softwareContinue reading “Are you living up to your financial potential?”