Stop Investing In Apple

BY COLLIN HARNESS I love Apple. It is a great company and they make great products. People keep telling me: “Invest in what you know.” Meaning that people should invest their money into businesses that a person uses or knows their products/services well. But I do not agree with that idea and I do notContinue reading “Stop Investing In Apple”

Stop asking permission

I have this bad habit of wanting to please people. And the vast majority of time I fail and it makes me feel bad.

You Don’t Own Anything

Nothing is an emergency and nothing is precious.

What a 16 year old should do to learn about investing in stocks

BY COLLIN HARNESS Read read read 16 is the perfect age to get started investing. Time is your most valuable asset. I knew nothing about the stock market when I started investing. My mother is a teacher and father is a home builder. My father does not believe in the stock market and thinks itContinue reading “What a 16 year old should do to learn about investing in stocks”

Pay Yourself First – Step By Step

COLLIN HARNESS One of the oldest ways to save money and build wealth is to build a money system and pay yourself first. We all have many financial obligations competing for our money and attention, but none of those obligations are as important as preparing for future. It is extremely unlikely that you will winContinue reading “Pay Yourself First – Step By Step”

Harness Money Tip #42

Talk openly to your partner about money. Money and relationships can be hard, because no one thinks exactly the same way about money. When I was growing up as a child my mother and father were two different money pages. My mother invested in the stock market and my father did not. Do not waitContinue reading “Harness Money Tip #42”