Tesla stock just reached $1Trillion in market cap. Is Tesla stock overvalued? Should you buy Tesla stock now?

In this video I discuss if I believe that Tesla stock is overvalued, undervalued and if you should buy more Tesla stock now?

Can the other car companies catch up to Tesla or beat Tesla?

I believe the real value of Tesla lies beyond selling cars. If they can create an autonomous taxi network that can compete with Uber and Lyft that will generate billions of dollars of revenue. Their battery and energy storage technology is way beyond the competition.

Selling energy storage solutions to large energy and utility businesses and then servicing that energy storage will create billions of dollars of revenue. As Democrats continue to work towards passing infrastructure, Tesla will benefit from a shift away from oil/gas to clean energy solar. If they are able to scale their solar energy business that will create billions of dollars in revenue.

The more successful Tesla becomes the more successful SpaceX and Bitcoin become. People believe more in Elon and this rubs off on his other projects. Suddenly his statements do not seem as speculative.

Check out the full video

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