You Don’t Own Anything


How freeing would it be if you did not have to take care of anything?

Not having to mow a yard, not having to make a bed, change the oil in your car, wash your clothes.

The less you have to maintain the more time you have for creativity. Reading, writing, hobbies and time for friends and families.

A lot of my adult life has been about unlearning bad teachings we learn as children. School, society, family. You need to own a house. You need to have safe full time job. You need to have a wife and 2.5 children.

I love my parents, but a lot of my views are different from theirs. And they should be. They are from a different generation than I am. I am physically younger, but I also have grown up using technology and being more connected to the global environment.

There are a few rules that I must remind myself of on a consistent basis:

  • I am a badass
  • Nothing is an emergency
  • Nothing is precious

So I drive a Lexus GX470. It is a Lexus SUV. I went to breakfast with my mom the other day and told her that I just picked up some rocks to go in a flowerbed in my backyard and she said: “You put the rocks in your car? That is going to make your car so dirty!”

The implication was that I was not taking care of my car.

Full disclosure, I am not a “car” guy. The car is a utility for me. I like to keep it clean, but I am going to use it when it makes sense. There are very fews items that I own that are precious. Clothing, furniture, home, car, computer it should all be used to make my life better. If something is precious like the Mona Lisa – it should be stored in a safe place like a museum.

I do not own anything. Everything in my possession, I am just taking care of it. I feel this way about clothes, signed cds/books, money and people.

It is my job to take of the things in my life and to try and make them better. But what really matters is my physical and mental health those things I cannot replace and directly contribute to my happiness.

Stop worrying so much about the things around you that you cannot change. Focus on the things you can change: your physical and mental health. And see how your life changes.

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