10 Growth Stocks To Help You Get Started Building a MASSIVE Stock Market Investment Portfolio


If you are a brand new investor in the stock market you need to create a solid stock foundation. You achieve this by investing selecting one or two large growth stocks that will long term growth and safety. Which growth stocks should you select?

The goal of investing is to increase your wealth. Stop trading time for money and have your money work for you. This goal can be accomplish is several different ways.

As a brand new investor is extra important to choose the right stock that is going to increase over time and give you that first win. This will motivate you to keep investing into the market.

When I started investing I invested into the wrong stocks. I put money into risky oil stocks because they paid a high dividend. What happened? The stocks went bankrupt and lost all of their value, no more dividends. Do not make that mistake.

Choose businesses that have a strong track record, customers that love their products, a good brand and hopefully pay out dividends for the rest of your life.

Here are my 10 Growth stocks I would recommend:

  1. COST – Costco
  2. SBUX – Starbucks
  3. AAPL – Apple
  4. MSFT – Microsoft
  5. JNJ – Johnson & Johnson
  6. LMT – Lockheed Martin
  7. WM – Waste Management
  8. JPM – J.P. Morgan Chase
  9. WBA – Walgreens Boots Alliance
  10. UPS – United Parcel Service

You made it through the list!

But that is just the beginning. Now it is time to take action.

Select 1 or 2 of the stocks on this list and fully fund your position. The only way to win in the market is to be invested. The only way to receive dividends is to own shares of these businesses. Make it a goal to invest $1000 into two of these growth stocks.

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