Harness Money Tip #52

I love food. It is a universal language just like money. Food is a line item in your budget that will never go away. We all need to purchase food to survive.

Covid has made me think more than ever about spending money at restaurants. I want to do my part to support businesses in my area staying open. But I also do not want to spend too much eating out.

Give yourself a food budget.

Having a number in mind will push you to look for ways to reduce your food expenses. Look at the grocery prices. Buy in bulk. Buy food items when they go on sale.

One thing I have found helpful is a list of standard food items that I always keep stocked. Cashews, apples, carrots etc. This way I can make snacks. Since I always created this list I more aware of what is a good price for these items and what price is more than I want to pay.

The little money things add up to big wealth.

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