Harness Money Tip #47

Invest in young companies that are growing and trying to change the world and have real viable product.

This is the individual investor advantage.

Large pension funds and hedge funds must invest in large businesses in order to get a good return on their money. But as an individual investor you have tons of options to invest money and get a high return on your investment.

Young companies are hungry and driven. They have to spend money in order to grow bigger. They are aggressively acquiring new customers.

There is more risk in investing in younger stocks, but the reward often outweighs the risk. I have take a chance on several businesses that were young and growing quickly. And because I jumped in early and watched the business grow I have more confidence in that investment and will be an investor in those businesses for life.

Do not be afraid to take a risk. We do it all the time in our personal lives, we get married and have children and start businesses. These risks are often become the best parts of our life.

Do not miss out on greatness, because it requires taking a risk.

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