3 Undervalued Stocks I Will Never Sell


Get ready to throw your tomatoes at me.

Like many people, my portfolio is diverse. It includes index funds, small-cap, tech stocks and my new addition crypto. But there are 3 big stocks that I believe are still undervalued and I am continuing to buy and hold for life.

What characteristics make these stocks better than the rest?

These are characteristics you should also look for in your stock research.

  1. Customers. Lots and lots of customers.
  2. Various sources of income.
  3. Business to business customers.
  4. TAM – Total Addressable Market. Needs to be massive. Think Tesla and the auto market.
  5. Founder led

The 3 undervalued stocks I will never sell:

  1. FB – Facebook
    People love to hate Facebook. And I can understand, because they have had issues. But they have over 2 Billion users. There are so many different avenues they can explore to earn more revenue over time.
  2. BABA – Alibaba
    The power in Alibaba is the business to business pipeline that they have created. Connecting consumers with producers. China is still a growing market and they are in the perfect position to take advantage of this growing economy.
  3. BRK.A – Berkshire Hathaway – The Oracle of Omaha has built a holding company unlike any other. It is highly diversified and he is sitting on a mountain of cash that can be deployed to purchase other businesses.

What are your forever stocks?

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