10 Lessons from my 2020 trip to Colorado during a pandemic and forest fires

Why did I go to Colorado in 2020 when they are experiencing forest fires and you must wear a mask the entire time you are flying?

To visit my sister with my parents. I rarely get to see her and we stayed in the town of Glenwood Springs deep in the Rocky Mountains.

  1. Life experiences are way better than things.
  2. Everyone loves great food and great meals are memories.
  3. Nature is invigorating.
  4. Small towns can do big business. Restaurants, adventure companies, festivals, art etc. It is all about the experience.
  5. When your business is the only game in town you will sell out.
  6. Hiking is fun and free.
  7. The planet is heating up. Even in the mountains the temperature reached 90 degrees and the sun is really worse because you are closer to it than at sea level.
  8. Whether you are choosing a restaurant or asking for a raise, you have to speak up for yourself and what you want.
  9. There is always a sunset and it is beautiful. It really is the best lighting for photos.
  10. You have the power to create special moments.

I have a few more lessons in me, so lets keep going.

  1. If you want to be a great photographer, take a million photos and then show off the best.
  2. You only get one family, so even if you do not agree with them or are different, choose to love and accept them for who they are. You can only control yourself, not other people.
  3. The world is such a big place, go see it.
  4. Jogging/Biking is great for listening to podcasts.
  5. Take a break from the news and social media some time.

Take a break from your daily life and go enjoy something different. There is beauty everywhere.

– Collin

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