Negotiate your salary

Repeat after me: “Based on the value I bring to the organization, I would like to discuss a salary adjustment.”

Say that out loud to the mirror a 3rd party multiple times, before you talk to your boss.

There are several things to note about negotiating your salary.

Start off by doing your research. What are your skills and how much are they worth in the marketplace? What are other people getting paid?

Maybe you need to increase your skills in order to increase your salary. Get more certifications.

Write down all the skills that you bring to the table. Your professional skills and your interpersonal skills. Do not discount skills like communication, reliability and hard work.

You need to have many reasons they should give you a raise.

You don’t just go in to your manager and ask for a raise. It starts early. Set the ground work.

Your intial conversation about with manager should be about becoming an expectional employee. You want to do great work and bring value to the organization.

Ask for a plan to be a great employee and then execute on that plan. Set up regular meetings with your manager to check in on the progress that you have made.

Set up during the intial meeting that you would like to discuss a salary adjustment once you achieve the goal that is set out.

What if you have been with your organization years and they have not given you a raise?

Do not be afraid to ask. Tell them you are not satisfied.

It is much better for an employer to keep an employee happy than to train a new employee.

What if they say no?

I know how that feels. I have been there.

Sometime businesses do not have the money to expand or they may not value your contribution.

It is time for you to look eslewhere.

There is plenty of money in the world. There are many different opportunities that can contribute to.

But you have to ask for it.

You never know what you can get when you ask.

Preplan. Ask for your raise. And then form a long term plan. How much do you want to earn?

Believe in yourself and your value.

Increase your value.

The steps to increase your salary:

  1. Set up a meeting with your boss and discuss how you can be a great employee. What are the expectations for you?
  2. Create a detailed plan for the next six months about how you are going to meet those expectations.
  3. On your own time plan one or two tangible ways that you are going to go above and beyond those expectations.
  4. Keep your boss updated on your progress. Have regular checkups with your boss.
  5. When you have completed all your assignments and gone above and beyond then as your boss for a salary adjustment based on your performance.
  6. Repeat this process.

You boss could say a flat no or say that the business is not doing well, everyone gets the same raise, etc. What are your options?

  1. Suck it up.
  2. Switch to a different business department/unit where there is more opportunity.
  3. Start looking for other work.

If a business really is losing money or cannot afford to offer you a raise then it is time look elsewhere. You do not need to waste time on a sinking ship, there are too many opportunities out there.

Often the fastest way to get a raise is to find a new job that pays more. Just because you make a certain amount at your current position does not mean that is your total value. Your value is what you make it.

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