Never pay full price

One of my problems with Amazon is that if you can usually find the same product cheaper if you do a simple google search.

Save money

  • Shop at Costco for better price per unit
  • Use grocery store circulars to find the best price on fruits/veggies
  • Buy clothes from discount department stores – even the high-end department stores
  • Compare prices with Apps
  • Mix and match cheap and expensive clothing, beauty and furniture
  • Buy generic rather than name brands
  • Buy home accent decor from discount stores: Target, Walmart, Ikea
  • Use apps to find the cheapest local gas

Don’t go cheap on

  • Travel: bad hotels, lots of connecting flights, cheap tours, cruises etc.
  • Bed sheets
  • Car: At least get something reliable – repairs are time and money expensive
  • Cell phone/computer – If you use it for work or everyday you need it to be reliable

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