Coming out with my next book

I have really been loving writing and publishing my books through Amazon. There is something really satisfying about creating some and sending it out into world and then getting feeback from the audience.

My goal is always to provide as much value to the reader as possible. As much information and knowledge that I have to give.

My next book is about Dividends.

So the book is really about assets. I look at every stock as an asset. And my goal is to purchase or create as many assets as possible.

Dividends changed my life. I was always poor, broke, homeless or rejected. I just had no idea what the hell I was doing in life or how to build any kind of wealth. When I started “investing” I made every mistake. I invested in all the wrong ways and businesses.

And after making those mistake and losing all my money I decided I actually needed to learn about investing before buying any more stocks. That is when I started reading about Warren Buffett and stock market index funds. And dividends.

There are so many great businesses out there that will share their wealth with you.

My goal is still to replace my current income with dividend income in my effort to reach financial freedom.

I will only purchase stocks that pay dividends consistenly over the long term. And then continue purchasing stocks using dollar cost averaging.

Here are 10 forever dividend stock:

  1. T – AT&T
  2. COST – Costco
  3. CAH – Cardinal Health
  4. WBA – Wallgreens Boots Alliance
  5. LMT – Lockheed Martin
  6. ENT – Entergy
  7. TXN – Texas Instruments
  8. GM – General Motors
  9. HD – Home Dept
  10. GS – Goldman Sachs

Dividends are a way for all of us to reach freedom. We do not have to work for businesses that we hate. At companies that do not appreciate us. We must create our own prosperity.

My next is titled: 101 Dividend Stocks: How to replace your income with dividends.

I will give you everything I know about how to replace your current income with dividend income.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. Any wealth that is going to last requires patience and persistence. Doing the right actions over and over.

Learn from all of the mistakes I made and get to your own wealth faster. If you are like me, freedom cannot wait.

Everyday I will continue to post information from the book till it is available to purchase. Next week.

Also stay tuned for the link to preorder the book from Amazon

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