Power attracts money, powerless repels money

There is more to life than just money. Family, friends, charity, selflessness it is all a part of a complete life.

Money effect all of us. It has the biggest impact on how we live our lives.

It is my mission to make as many people as rich as possible? Why?

Because money equals freedom and power.

Financial independence is all about taking power away from others and giving it back to yourself.

How many people currently have power over you? And why is that? They are not smarter than you, better looking than you, or more valuable than you. Now they may definitely be more confident than you. They could be louder than you. Maybe more aggressive than you.

But they may also be more insecure than you.

I am an introvert. I have learn to talk to people and interact in social settings. But I am at my best listening to others. There are so many times I have mistaken someone as confident, but they are really just running their mouth because they are insecure.

Your language matters. You have to believe that you either are currently rich or are going to be rich. You are the most valuable thing in your life. You need to treat yourself that way.

If you do not believe that have value, you will NOY attract money. People are attracted to money. If you present youself as someone that is rich in anything: knowledge, value, confidence people will be attracted to that.

Now money is not a substitute for hard work. If you do not have self control you can attract money, but it will quickly slip through your fingers.

How do you become powerful?

My mother was an elementary school teacher and my father was a home builder. They taught me the value of hard work and saving. But they do not live in power. They were always worried about the stock market and value of their money. They value stability over wealth. They value comfort over taking risks.


Everyone needs education. If your money is not growing it is shrinking. Every year inflation changes the value of your money.

You must feed yourself a diet of knowledge so that you become so confident in your abilities so that no one can shoot you down.


Telling yourself once that you are rich, does not make you rich.

Just like an athlete you have to practice over and over. You have to tell yourself you are powerful over and over. You have to invest over and over. Saving month after month. Going to work day after day.

When you do something consistently, you know everything about it.

Public speaking and meeting new people

The more you are exposed to other people the less fear we associate with individuals. Speaking in front of others gives you the confidence to express yourself and your ideas.

Everyone has a story and something to say.

People will relate to you if you let them. Let them see your vulnerabilities. Tell them about the times you failed.

The more you tell people you story the more they will empathize with you and the more willing they are to help you when you need them.

Taking risks

We all must take risks in life. Going to college. Getting married. Having a child. Starting a new job or a new business. These are all risks we take in life.

It can be so easy to get comfortable in the lives we create for ourselves. We start the view the outside world as unknown. Fear of the unknown.

We need to take risks to grow. We need to fail.

You do not want to look back and think about all the risks you didn’t take.

Save more

When you have money in the bank it gives you power. You can choose where you want to live. What you want to do with your time.

If you do not like your boss you can quit. If you want to travel the world you can buy a plane ticket. If you want to buy something expensive in the store, get it.

Once you start to feel powerful there are things you need to do. You need to practice gratitude. You need to understand that no one can do it alone. There are people that helped you get to where you are along your journey.

Once you reach the mountain top you must be thankful.

Watch out for pride

Sometimes we become so knowledgeable on one topic stop listening to other people. We all have spots and dont know what we dont know. We always need to stay curious.

Money can do crazy things to people. No matter how much money we have, we still need other people. We still need the world around us. We still need to serve customers and have values.

We must watch our for being prideful. When you have saved a lot of money, you must remember that everyone is walking their own path and we are all at different points along that path.

Stay humble

Money can change people. It is important that you have people in your life that can be honest woth you. Tell you when you are being a jerk. Tell you where you need to make adjustments.

Humility is a sign that you have control over yourself. You have power. And you choose to show it in different ways.

Anyone can be powerful.

Help others

When you have power, you also have resources. Resources are amazing. They give you the ability to help yourself.

But you also have the ability to help others. When you have a lot of money, you have money to give away.

You have money to send someone to college. You can buy rental properties. You can create jobs.

Use your power to help those that need a helping a hand. Or cannot help themselves.

You will gain respect. You will get followers. You will gain satisfactions.

You have power.

Believe it. Repeat it. Live it.

What are you thoughts?

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