Stop saving, grow income

For the past few years I feel like I have been saving, but I havent been growing.

I have no problem cutting back expenses and avoid the pitfalls of credit card debt and a lavish lifestyle. In fact I feel like my lifestyle is pretty lavish. My house is paid off, my car is paid off I wear nice clothes, but there is still something missing.

I am still in my entry level job well into my 30s. That being said I am very happy that I have any job, but I also do not want to turn 40 still working making the same salary with the same boss, sitting at the same computer. I want to actually grow.

Specifically, I want to grow my income. And I want it to be at something that I will enjoy doing for an extended period of time.

And I know that my goal will not happen overnight. It will take time for that to happen.

So I have decided that I am done thinking any more about saving and I am going to invest in earning. I am going to put my time, energy and funds toward earning more money.

Investing in self development, books, marketing whatever it takes to increase the sale of the products that of products that I create.

This is why I have been publishing books and writing down new ideas. Doing anything I can think of to increase my creativity and my ability to add value to people and organizations.

So no more saving only earning.

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