3 Stocks you should right now and own for the next generation

Now is the time to buy.

The Coronavirus has destroyed the market.

Peopl are getting sick and dying.

The government is taking unprecedented bailout action.

But we all still need to plan for tomorrow.

DIS – Disney

The best and smartest media company in the biz. They continue to purchase large assets and build on beloved brands. Movies, parks, ships, sports. And now they are moving into streaming. There is no way they can be stopped. American children will always need entertainment.

MRNA – Moserna

I absolutely love the biotech space. This business is a marriage of science and technology and they are working to create vaccines and treatments for diseases now and of the future.

DAL – Delta Airlines

The government will never allow the 3 makor airlines to die because they employ too many people. So they will always be around. And right now you can buy them at cheap prices

How about two more

BAC – Bank of America

They have trillions of dollars of assets. The government loves them. Hundreds if thousands of employees. They can leverage their synergy to succeed.

BA – They have a duopoly on aircraft production with airbus. They have zero competition in the united states. After the 737 Max disaster and this disaster they are really affordable now. The stock will only go up.

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