First day of spring

Spring has sprung!

This time of year is a time of rebirth and renewal.

This is a great time to take inventory and review your progress since the beginning of the year.

Are you growing? Are you increasing your net worth?

Thankfully the days are going to get longer and there will be more sunshine for all of us to enjoy.

Are you planning ways to make your life better? Is there anything you need to thank and let go of?

I have found that decluttering your home and space makes you enjoy your space more and allows new space for you to manifest new things into your life.

Ways to make your Spring bloom
1.Declutter your life

  • Create physical and digital inboxes to handle new items – Having an inbox will allow you filter new things coming into your home. It is easy to go from a clean home to a cluttered mess if you allow new things to stack up without a home.
  • Create folders for important documents: Health, Finance, Home, School – I found out I needed to do this desperately when I started my business. Everything was getting mixed together and it took hours at tax time to get it all straightened. It is especially important if you have an HSA to have a file for health receipts. You can reimburse yourself years down the line for health-related items you purchase today.
  • Clean out any garage, storage unit, closet – Throw away anything that has gone bad or no longer serves you. You can save a ton of money by eliminating any storage units you have. Thank the items while you had them and then send them on their way. You may be able to sell any items you do not need on Craigslist, eBay or Facebook Marketplace.
  • Create a donation box – My boyfriends always has to remind me to donate things. I want to immediately throw items away that I not longer find useful. People can reuse almost anything. I love donating books to my local library. I love donating clothes to my local Goodwill store.

Have you planned any trips for this year?

This is the perfect time to plan out any trips you would like to take this year.

2. Travel questions to ask yourself:

  • How many vacation days do I get there this year?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • Am I going to drive or fly?
  • What is my travel budget for the year?
  • When do I want to visit family members?
  • Do I want to do a staycation?

I love traveling.

Check out our page on Travel for all kinds of tips and tricks.

If you do not think you have the money to travel somewhere else in the world do a staycation.

Plan out different kinds of activities you can do in your hometown. You can even make some money by putting together a travel guide for your local city and selling it on Amazon. You have unique insight into the best spots in your city.

Planning out vacation and travel time gives you something to look forward to. Motivation is the key to success. Your work should not be your life. It should an important part of your life, but as humans we strive to have a balance between work and play.

3. Plant something

Your physical environment makes a difference. If you live in an ugly space it makes it much easier to mentally find all of the problems you have in your life. When you surround yourself with beauty, you feel more inspired.

When surround yourself with successful people you are manifesting your own success.

This blog is my way of planting career seeds. It keeps my writing. It keeps my mind focused on finances and how improve them. It reminds me to read other books and blogs of the same topic. It pushes me to connect with other new people. It helps me brainstorm new and creative ways to magnify my voice.

I also love planting new plants. Flowers look pretty. Succulents provide fresh oxygen. Vegetables you can harvest and eat. Getting your hands dirty will connect with you mother nature and remind you that you are a part of a bigger world.

4. Volunteer

Spring is the perfect time to get involved in something before the summertime. During the summer people go on vacation and it is more difficult to get people together. During the spring people are engaged in their jobs and children are in school. This is the perfect time to find an organization that you can help with your time or your money.

There are so many worthy nonprofits that need your involvement. Giving money is great, but I always recommend starting your volunteer service by donating your time. Walk in their shoes. You may discover that the org is not really a good fit for you. Or you may find that you become emotionally attached to the people and the cause and you will be willing to donate more money and more appreciative of the experience.

Spring is a great time to plan and prepare.

All of these ideas can help improve your current year, state of mind and achieve new goals.

So what are your thoughts? Do you feel excited about the new season? Do you feel more prepared to tackle your future goals?

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