St. Paddy’s Day

It is St. Paddy’s Day! That means a green parade and green river if you live in Chicago.

This is the day we celebrate the death of St. Patrick patron saint of Ireland. Apparently 33 million Americans have Irish ancestry. That is roughly 10% of the American population.

For most people it is a day to dress up in green, go to a parade and enjoy a beer.

March is also Irish American Month.

We all need celebrations. We need to celebrate the small things in life and the big goals like reaching financial independence.

Almost all major US cities celebrate St. Paddy’s

Pregame at your house or a friend’s house. Rather than go to a bar or restaurant plan to go to someone’s house before or after the parade.

BYOB – Save money by taking your own drinks to the St. Patrick’s day parade.

Buy clothing items that you can use year after year. If you buy items the day after the celebration you can get them at a steep discount and use them next year. The more preplanning you can do the less money you will likely spend.

Now best of luck! Buy a lottery ticket today and have a drink with friends!

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