Never pay full price

I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for a shirt or jeans or furniture or a book.

The 2 things I really only pay “full” price for is gas and groceries for my diet that never really go on sale and I cannot by in bulk.

I have never purchased a new car.

I give my friends and family “free” gifts and discounted gift cards.

I always buy dscounted plane tickets.

And you know what? I have the best life!

I travel in style to far off places. I wear the best clothes. People in my office dress terrible and I put them to shame lol.

I get it. We live in an instant gratification society. We want things now and we want to look like the best possible.

I love this blog: Afford Anything. Because it talks about being able to afford anything, but not everything.

You want to purchase real assets. Clothes are not an asset. So dont spend a fortune in them. Furniture will not hold its value.

Puchasing real estate, buying a course to learn a new skill. These are things that could pay you dividends.

Everything goes on sale. Check out my article on why I love Costco. I purchase many things at Costco, but not everything because not everything is a good deal. I buy fruit at Aldi. I buy workout clothes at Walmart.

Never pay pull price for clothes.

They always go on sale. Shop at their Factory stores. My favorite discount store is Neiman’s Last Call. I buy all of my Cashmere there. It is already discounted and then they have sales. I love the J.Crew Factory store. I have purchase my sister expensive handbags online for a fraction of the price.

Some brands do not go on sale like Gucci, Prada, LV. But that does not mean you cannot find their products at a discount. Don’t be afraid to buy used. Or purchase from a high end department store ljke Neimans or Nordstrom. They often haven entire store sales. Macys gives away coupons like they are going out of style.

Buy as much as you can on Black Friday and that weekend. That is time to find the best deals on apparel.

One of my favorite purchases to make is a jacket from the Northface outlet store. You can get the best coats at a steap discount.

Shoes?! But them from DSW, Nordstrom Rack or the Nike outlet store.

There are so many people I talk to that tell me their buggest mistake was purchasing a new car because they lose value so quickly. Don’t do it. Find the car and then buy it 1 or 2 years used. Check out my article about about how my Chevy Tagoe caught on fire and was totalled, but I had great insurance and I was able to get an even better car than I had previously.

Sign up for all the rewards programs. Restaurants will often send you free or discounted food coupons. Like Starbucks or Panera Bread. There are many restaurants that give you free Birthday rewards.

Travel. This is often the biggest expense for many during the year. There are a many tips and trips to save on Travel. Read books, blogs etc.

To get cheap airfare I follow the Twitter account: CheapDFW and turn on notifications. I get notified when there is dirt cheap tickets leaving from Dallas. My hometown. As of this writing I am going to Tokyo, Kansas City and Paris

My fave travel blogs:

  • The Vagabond brothers
  • Get your guide
  • Lonely Planet
  • Tripadvisor

I always stay in a Marriot hotel because I am a member of their rewards program and then I make sure they have a lounge so I can breakfast and/or dinner there. You save a ton on food. I buy groceries/snacks when I travel for more than week somewhere. Walking tours a great way to exercise and experience what a city is l. I always do a day trip out of town. Last year I did a day trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls, cost me less than $100.

Housing. This is often the biggest expense for the majority of individuals. There are many reasons to buy a new home. New home can be more energy efficient. Much less maintenance etc. But a new home is a lifestyle choice rather than an investment choice. You will get better returns for your money if you buy and older home and put money into those renovations. My advice is to do as many renovations as you can before you move in so you are not living in a construction zone, it makes life much more stressful. Always budget more time for home renovation projects than you anticipate. I have removed wallpaper, popcorn ceilings and landscaped around the pool in my backyard and each project took longer than I anticipated. But the money I saved is worth it to me and the house looks so much better than it did when I bought it.

If you are not on the path to financial independence, you should be. There are so many benefits to being free from worrying about money. You can have a much greater impact.

You do not need all the fancy things to be rich. And the truth is that a designer car and clothes are not going to make you happy. What will make you fullfilled is adding value to the lives of others.

I never pay full price for anything and I no one would ever know. I wear the best clothes. I drive a Lexus SUV. My fridge is stocked with groceries all the time and I go on incredible vacation and stay at the best hotels. And I do it all for less than the sticker price.

Ask for a discount. You do not know what you can get till you ask. Do not just go into a car dealership and pay the sticker price. Go test drive the car and come back the next day and the next day till you get the price you want. And if they do not give you that price walk away. There are always other options.

If you have trouble controlling spending work on planning your future spending. That way you are more aware of what your expenses will be. Whenever you make a random purchase ask yourself the simple question: Is this a want or a need? Chances are it is just a want and you do not need it to function in life.

What do purchase on discount?

Leave a comment or email me. I love hearing from everyone.

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