International Women’s Day: Women need to be rich!

Sunday is the day to think about and appreciate all the women in our lives.

I have two women in my life that are important to me, my mother and sister. My mother was an elementary teacher in Texas public school system for more than 20 years.

My sister is a surgeon in Denver, Colorado.

Everyone has women in their life are important to them. Both of the women in my family are strong leaders and master’s over their own life. As a society we need to support women and given them the support that they give the people around them. My mother was always there for me and took great care of me. I would not have become a successful adult without her love, guidance and support. She bought clothes for me and paid for an English tutor and always provided groceries. She cooked meals for me and gave me advice on what college I should go to. She taught me about how to value money and value of education.

As a society in the United States we need to value and lift up the women in our lives. We need to create laws and systems that value the women in our lives. Society is improved when women have more tools and resources at their disposal. Women provide a unique point of view.

Working women. My mother was teach and my sister is a surgeon. More women are graduating from college than men. It seems that when women are placed in positions of leadership the workplace quality of life is improved for everyone.

47% of the US workforce is women.
That is more than 74 million women.

Women own about 10 million businesses in the United States.

Women make up 23% of representatives in Congress.

Women either purchase or influence 70% of all consumer purchases.

As a society we need to value women more than we do. We need more female representatives. We need to pass more laws that protect and support the lives of women. All of society benefits when the lives of women are improved.

Women are working and making money. We need more female money managers. There is still this idea that money is a man’s business. That needs to change. Women often make better decisions when they manage money. Women value security more than men and often make more conservative, calculated decisions with money in the long-term.

Only 10% of portfolio managers in the US are women.

I need to stand with the women in my life and the women fighting for more rights. You need to give your support to the women in your life and stand up for their rights.

Women in the United States have more rights than many women around the world. We need to support women globally and fight for other governments to make women’s rights a priority.

women GIF by Libby VanderPloeg

Here is a list of organizations that support women’s rights:

  • Women’s global empowerment fund
  • School girls unite
  • Women for women international
  • Every mother counts
  • Equality now

Support, listen and encourage the women in your life. We all need love and support.

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