10 Ideas – Becoming an idea machine.

Recently I have been reading: The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth by James Altucher

He recommends that you become and Idea Machine and I really like the concept so I am going to start doing this.

Basically you mind vomit 10 ideas about anything onto the page and you continue to do this indefinitely. You get to the point where you can see everything through the lens of an idea.

They do not have to be good or bad.

And you give you ideas away for free.

Because ideas are unlimited.

There is no idea to how many ideas that you can come up with.

So to kick off my lists I am going to post my 10 ideas for today.

10 Things I would invent

  1. Bed making machine
  2. App that send you notifications on the cheapest flights from your nearest airport
  3. App that does some small task that makes you money everyday
  4. Car that doesnt require gas or maintenance or tires aka a subway, but in Texas.
  5. Website that sends me leads to personally financially coach people.
  6. Robots that looks at all the different grocery store ads and then goes to esch store and gets the sale items.
  7. Cheaper private flights less harmful to the environment.
  8. Machine you attach to your body that builds muscle without having to workout.
  9. Machine that can plant trees on its own.
  10. Affordable service that will pick you up from your house and take you on vacation without you having to plan anything. Like hotel, flights and activities.

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