The best podcasts to achieve financial independence

We all need knowledge and encouragement on our journey to financial freedom. There have been so many times where I needed inspiration and motivation to keep working toward my FI number.

If you have a commute to work podcasts are a great way to listen and get education. I have learned so many great FI strategies from these shows. Also business ideas. Our businesses can always be made better. Listening to the words of others and their journey can help shape your own journey.

What business should you start?

How do you grow your business?

What “truths” are you telling yourself that may be holding you back?

Podcasts I listen to:

  • Dough Roller – Listen to people tell their money stories and how they are reaching financial freedom.
  • Goal Digger – Learn how to jumpstart your business and get motivated to make a greater impact.
  • Bigger Podcasts – Learn about financial ideas and terms that will help you better understand how your finances work.
  • Afford Anything – Listen to interesting people give financial advice.
  • Mad Fientist – Listen to a mix of personal stories and tips and tricks to help you reach financial independence.
  • Suze Orman’s – Women and Money – One of my favorites. List to Suze tell stories, take about financial concepts and answer women’s questions about their finances.

These shows are great ways to help yourself and others. The best podcasts are entertaining, tell a story and educate all at the same time. Several of these podcasts I have been listening to for years to stay motivated, better educated about my finance and learn to dream bigger.

I think a lot of people dream too small. And I stand at the front of that line. I think to myself: How could I possibly go from being a worker/individual contributor to being a CEO. That seems impossible. But it is not.

I need to dream bigger. And I think that is what these shows help me do more than anything.

If you have a dream, there is a path to get there. You just have to find it. And then put in the work.

I have learned the hard way that things do not happen overnight. You have to put in a shit ton of work for things to “happen”. Success is mostly about persistence.\

Oh yeah, I also listen to these podcasts on Spotify. I resisted streaming services for the longest time, because I still like to buy physical CDs. I actually like to get them signed by artists. But I signed up with a friend of mine and it is wonderful. It is so easy to discover new ideas, communities, songs. I sure there are a million different services out there I just recommend Spotify.

What podcasts are you listening to?

What do you do to keep you motivated?

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