Preparing for Tokyo 2020

The olympics are going to Tokyo and so am I. Japan has been on the top of my travel for a long time.

I love Asian culture and am so excited to explore what the city has to offer. Tokyo is the world’s largest metropolitan area with more than 35,000,000. That number is unimaginable to me and a little daunting. I am definitely a city boy. I was born in Oklahoma, but raised my whole life in Dallas.

I love exploring new cities. There is always something to do and something to eat.

When I go somewhere new I always look for:

  • Parks
  • Observation tower
  • Local markets
  • Local restaurants

When I prepare to go somewhere new I always start with weather. What clothes are required? Is it going to be hot? Or am I going to be hiking up a cold mountain? Every landscape is different.

It is always a good idea to bring a good hiking shoe. Whether you are walking around downtown, through mud, or up a hill having good shoes is a must.

I like to be adventurous when I travel. To me that means going outside and exploring wherever I go. I recommend always looking for a day trip outside of the location of your main destination.

Last year I went to Toronto and took a day trip to Niagra Falls at the US Canada border. 2 years ago I went to Barcelona and took a day trip to France and the country of Andorra. Day trips are fun, educational and always give you a story to tell others.

Preparing for a new city:

  • How are going to get around? Train, Uber, Rental Car? Japan has bullet trains. Seattle uses buses to get around the city.
  • Where are you going to stay?
  • What day trips can you do?
  • Do you have the right foot wear?
  • Are there any local markets you can visit?
  • Can you do a walking tour?

Specific things to do in Tokyo:

  • Transportation: Bullet train and Uber
  • Hotel: Tokyo Hilton
  • Day trip to Mt. Fuji
  • Disney
  • To Do: Downtown, Imperial Palace
  • Okiya – Gheisa house
  • Tsukiji – fish market

Transportation is essential when travelling. There have been too many times that I have cheaped out my mode of transportation and taken the wrong bus or train. Know how you are going to get from the airport to your hotel the faster and easiest way possible. Once you have settled in you can branch out and explore.

Live outside the schedule. Do not schedule so many activities that you miss the fun of being in a new place. You should always give yourself a degree of spontaneity when you are traveling, because you never know what you are going to find.

Go Shopping. Find local markets and vendors. You can find unique items, but local will also giving information about their city. People love to share information about their living environment.

Tips to reduce travelling costs:

  • Use points to pay for flights and hotel stays
  • Use trains or buses rather than taxi/uber/lyft
  • Get meals from grocery stores
  • Visit local parks/library/monuments/museums
  • Go to the zoo for a day
  • Walk through local markets

How do I start planning every single vacation trip that I go on. I make a list. Of everything. And I don’t even think about money. I think about all the things that I could do. I Google the destination and try and find as many different things to do as possible. Does not matter how crazy or expensive or difficult they are.

Also TripAdvisor and GetYourGuide are great resources.

  • Then look at how much time you have and think about what kind of trip you want to have. Relax? Gamble? Cruise? Explore?
  • Start thinking about what you want to do each day and start crossing things off the master list.
  • Start crossing things off the list and putting different things on different. Everything will start to come together.
  • Leave yourself free days. Days where you have nothing planned and you can do whatever and the people you travel with can do whatever. You are your best friend.

Safety first. You always need to be aware of where you are traveling. So places are safer than others. But there is always the risk of being taken advantage of because you are a tourist.

So here are you guys traveling this year?

Where do you want to travel to?

What are you tips for travelling or reducing the cost of travel?

Leave a comment or email me. I love connecting with people.

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