Tips to be more productive and earn more income

Couldn’t we all use an extra hour in the day. I have been frustrated many days because I want to accomplish more than I have time for.

You want to do it all. Be a great spouse. Volunteer for good causes. Be social and go to parties. And work hard and climb the corporate ladder. But no one has time do all of that at the same. We have to prioritize what is most important or needs immediate attention.

If you want to accomplish something specific or a big goal you need to be intentional. You need to get specific about what is important in your life and then work toward that goal.

If you don’t have a plan years will go by and you won’t have anything to show for it and you will be frustrated and unhappy with you situation. Believe me I have been there.

My goal was to have my own business and I was frustrated that it was not happening. But I have a full time job, house, dog, friends and family. I was not taking steps toward owning my own business. So I had to learn to be more productive during my day. Give more of myself to my personal goals and less to external forces.

Being more productive is not easy. You have to disappoint people. You have be a little bit more selfish with your time. You have to block out the needs of others in order to accomplish tasks that need to get done.

Every great business has a plan. And you are a business. Whether you believe that or not. You have skills and expertise that others do not. You should have a plan of things you want out of life. You want to be able to look and see things you did and accomplished. You want to have pride in how you lived your life.

Being more productive is about taking control of your life. It’s about eliminating excuses and distractions. With planning and effort you will be successful.

These tips will help you be more productive.

1. Use your calendar – It should be your best friend. Block out times to do your work. When it is time to do your work make sure you have what you need and a place where you do not have distraction. If it is on your calendar, tell people you are not available.

2. Only answer emails at a specific time. Do not answer every question someone asks you. Scarcity will make you more valuable. Don’t constantly check check email inbox. Set up a specific time of day to check and answer. If you don’t answer them. Set up another appointment. Setting up auto responses with also cut down on time and make you more efficient.

3. Prioritize your goals. What is the most important and what can wait. Some people live for drama. If someone really needs you they can wait for you. You can prioritize and be flexible if there is an emergency, but make every “emergency” a priority. Act like your goals are the emergency and make them number 1.

4. Start saying No. I struggle with this the most because I want people to like me and think highly of me. But they truth is, people are not thinking about you. They are thinking about what is happening in their world. What is most important to them. So learn to say no out of love for yourself. If you are more successful they will be able to benefit more from your success. You are also training people on how they are to approach you.

People flock to success. If you start achieving your goals and seeing results, people will want to find out more about you. Word will spread and people will have more respect for who you are and what you do.

Don’t compare yourself to others. I could write a whole book on this topic. My sister is 3 years older than and a surgeon. And I am terrible at science. I cannot compete with her success so I don’t try. I try to be my most authentic self. The best version of myself. Who I was meant to be. And you know what? People want to be around me.

When I tried so hard to please people I was not happy and I wasn’t making any progress on my own goals. That’s when I stopped and said no more.

I started chasing my own goals. And when people started seeing my results they started asking me questions and wanting to be around me find out how I accomplished my goals.

You are amazing. You have the power to live an incredible life and accomplish great things. You have to be intentional about your life. You have to decide what is the most important things and go after them and shut out the rest.

Use the tips provide to make a greater impact on your work, self and family.

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