22 more work from home jobs

Working from home can allow to be a lot more productive or can be a source of more distractions. But if you master your space, then it can give you great work/life balance.

First here are some tips to be successful working from home:

  • Over communicate
  • Have a dedicated working space
  • Stay focused. Avoid those tempting home distractions. Like my rambunctious dog Dexter.
  • Turn it off after a certain point
  • Do not check your email endlessly. When you limit your availability you become more valuable.

Here is a great article with more tips about people successfully working from home.

The most important thing about working from home, or just any job, is be consistent. Do excellent work over and over.

Here are 16 work from home ideas:

  1. Telemarking – Sell products and services over the phone. It is still possible.
  2. Virtual paralegal – The law only gets more complicated every year. Master it and get paid.
  3. Virtual assistant – Help a person organize their life or business. Be there for them online.
  4. Translator – Maybe you can speak Mandarin or Spanish. You are perfect to translate for anything and everything.
  5. Amazon mechanical Turk – Do simple tasks.
  6. Upwork – Take any random job that is posted on Upwork.
  7. Data entry – Fill out surveys or enter in valuable business information.
  8. Sell homemade items on Etsy. Crafty? Create amazing products that you sell online.
  9. Create your own items and sell them on Amazon or your own website. Use the world’s largest online platform to sell what you have to offer.
  10. Virtual Travel agent – Book people’s dream vacations
  11. Write books – Write, write, write. There is so much money to be made in publishing these days and there are so many ways to publush.
  12. Write articles or edit articles – There are tons of sites that need content. Write for them.
  13. Write eBooks – Maybe you can cook or have experience traveling. Write and sell an eBook online.
  14. Start a podcast – Your voice could be making you money.
  15. Make YouTube videos aka Vlogger – It is so easy to have a YouTube account and make videos these days. No excuse.
  16. Digital marketing manager – Maybe you are great at promoting others.
  17. Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway – You have extra space. Rent it out to people.
  18. Salesperson – sell websites, software, online services – Every business needs sales to stay alive. 
  19. Transcriber
  20. Website tester – Make sure a wesbite makes sense for an end user.
  21. Search Engine Evaluator – Test a search engine to make sure your searches are accurate.
  22. Telephone/online doctor or nurse – Take patients right from you living room couch.

Oh! and also

  • Life coaching
  • Singer
  • Movie critic
  • Scheduler

There is no limit to what kind of jobs you can do from home. I work for a software company and our CEO pretty much works from home. Rarely comes into the office. And he is great at his job.

Just get creative.

You are an idea machine.

Your are only limited by your imagination.

Do it! Working from home can change your life for the better and give you more freedom.

Here is my first list of 16 Work From Home Jobs

Here is an article to help you find work from home jobs.

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