13 Jobs that will make you a millionaire

It is difficult to save your way to millionaire status. It is possible, but it takes disciple and lots of time. The fastest way to become a millionaire is to earn your way there. You can start a business with an in demand product. You can go viral with a service or product that people love and must have.

You can be an athlete or an artist and get a large contract or sale that makes you a millionaire instantly. You may have some unique talent that is highly in demand. Or know how to trade in the stock market. These different avenues can bypass the traditional route to riches, but require some unique skill or gift.

The truth is that I have not found that one unique gift that will launch me into the millionaire category.

Instead I have found a profession that I have a unique aptitude for and then I work really at my job, while investing the funds that I am making from my possible and working on my side passion projects. I am a great and fast writer so I have used that to my advantage.

I work in the technology sector, where there is a lot of money to be made for people with the right skills. But my road to riches has not happened over night. My sister is a doctor and I seriously considered going into medicine before I realized that I don’t like science and don’t want to spend my life in a hospital or lab.

But doctors make fabulous money. They are in high demand and have skills that are hard to possess. It is one of the classic professions that will make you a millionaire if you work hard.

There are specific professions where you are more likely to be successful.

Most of them require a college degree, but not all of them and there are tons of businesses that have been started by people that have broken the mold and found there way to success without the assistance of college.

Here is our list of professions you should chose from in order to reach millionaire status.

  1. Lawyer
  2. Doctor
  3. Dentist
  4. CPA
  5. Investment Banker
  6. Pharmacist
  7. Software Engineer/Architect
  8. Chief Executive
  9. Airline Pilot
  10. Petroleum Engineer
  11. Financial Manager
  12. Marketing Manage
  13. Entrepreneur

You can find open jobs in these different professions using this article here: Make more money and get a better job with these websites

This is just a list of jobs that will get you to millionaire status. There many different paths to becoming rich. It takes a ton of hard work. You have all the skills right you need right now to become a millionaire. Be persistent and look for ways to add value in your current role. And then look for all the opportunities that are surrounding you.

Which career path did you choose?

We love hearing from real people and their experiences. Remember that money isn’t everything. Some people don’t want to spend their life being a lawyer, because they want a better quality of life. They want more free time. They want to spend time with their family and friends. Many of these jobs require deep commitment and time.

Choose a profession that you feel validated from.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Whatever you choose work hard at it and you can make it successful or learn from your experience.

Something that you may be passionate about and have a strong aptitude for. Money doesn’t change you. It enhances traits that are already there.

Stop trading time for money.

The truth is almost any profession can make you rich if you become an expert and then teach others how to do what you do. Only you know exactly how to do your job.

If you build an audience and then charge others to learn how to do what you do then you can get rich. There is no limit to how many people will sign up for a class you teach.

The more valuable your skill and the better the information you provide the more you can charge for you time.

Remember to be giving of yourself and your resources no matter how much money you. Life is about people and moments. Not how much money you have in the bank. Although it helps to have more resources to craft the life that you desire.

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