22 more side hustle ideas

A side hustle is a great way to reach financial independence faster than you would otherwise.

We all have unique skills that we can monetize for extra income. Whatever you have mastered you can monetize. When have multiple streams of income, your money becomes a snowball that works for itself.

Having a side hustle is basically like have a 401k. While you are earning income you are also contributing to your 401k which earns income through investment gains.

Last month I actually convinced my mother to make her hobby a side hustle and she earns a few extra hundred a month and people love her products. She sews burp cloths for newborns that are super soft.

She didn’t even do any marketing she just found one of her friends that was having a baby made the product for her and then word of mouth brought people out the woodwork for her product.

Here is the continued list of side hustle ideas. See my other article about side hustles for more ideas:

  1. Build an app – Create an app that fills a need or entertains people.
  2. Sell items on eBay or Craigslist – Gather up your unused items, or find items at garage sales and sell them online.
  3. Microjobs – Mechanical Turk – Do mini tasks online.
  4. FIverr – Perform tasks on line for people.
  5. Answer Surveys – Swagbucks. Answer survey questions for extra money or airline miles.
  6. mystery shopping
  7. Babysitting – Give parents a break and keep an eye on their little ones.
  8. Clean houses – Help people get organized and live healthier.
  9. Taskrabbit – Do all sorts of different tasks around you for extra money.
  10. Personal Training – Help people get in better shape.
  11. Music lessons – Teach people how to play music better.
  12. GoFundMe – Write a compelling story and have people give you funds.
  13. Data Entry – Fill out paperwork to earn extra cash. Look for these jobs on job sites
  14. Teach Driving Lessons – Everyone needs to learn how to drive. People are always coming of driving age. Teach young adults a valuable skill and to be a responsible driver.
  15. Lending Club – Become your own bank. Make loans to people and earn interest on those loans.
  16. Virtual assistant – Be a professional from the comfort of your desk. There are lots of tasks that people need help doing.
  17. Property manager – help manage an apartment complex or property management company.
  18. Investment property – commercial or residential. Real Estate never goes out of style. It is one of the only assets that appreciates over time. You can invest in crowd funding real estate sites or buy and manage a house or condo.
  19. Mow lawns/pull weeds/shovel snow/ yard work – this job will require a little muscle, but there is always outdoor work that needs to be done.
  20. Photography – take pictures of events or take and sell stock photos
  21. Make and sell music tracks – Have musical talent? People love music. And people need music for sound tacks and other purposes.
  22. Tour guide – You know your local community and all the best spots. Get paid to show people around and show them what they are missing.

Just pick of few of these ideas and see how they go.

Side hustling is just like a regular job in the aspect of persistence. It may take time for it to pay off so keep at it.

Play to your strength. Don’t pick something you hate or struggle with. You will start to hate your life after a while and will eventually quit.

Pick something you can actually do and then create a plan it up and running.

This is you being an entrepreneur. Basically just taking initiative. I would recommend reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You learn that you are a business. And that gives you advantages over other people.

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