23 side hustle ideas

Life is expensive and only seems to be getting more expensive. I just recently went to the doctor for a routine health checkup where I received a flu shot and my bill was $168 after my insurance portion. There are all kinds of unexpected life expenses and they infinitely increase when you have a family.

What even is a side hustle?

The side hustle is any type of employment from a one time gig to recurring revenue to selling a product or service, that an individual undertakes in addition to his or her full-time employment.

Have a side hustle is a great way to help build long-term wealth.

Having a steady job and mastering a side hustle will allow you to save or invest more of your monthly income.

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Even if you already have a job that you love there are a ton of reasons to have a side hustle. A side hustle will cushion those unexpected life expenses.

There are a lot of reasons people work. Some people are lucky enough that they love their job, but others get satisfaction out of earning a living and providing for a family. You may not earn much at a side hustle today, but I have seen people master their skills and turn their side gig into full time jobs that they love.

My mother was an elementary school teacher for her career. She taught 1st grade. She tutored children on the weekends and sold her lessons plans online.

There is a real sense of empowerment when you provide value to someone else and financial security for yourself. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. If you believe in yourself other people with notice and believe in you also.

Here is a list of great side hustle ideas:

  1. Dog Walking – Millions of people have pets that need to be taken care of. If you live in an apartment or neighborhood get to know your neighbors and walk those 4 legged friends for extra cash.
  2. Pet Sitting/ take care of animals – Take care of pets when people go on vacation or cannot take care of pets for themselves.
  3. Airbnb – Become your own hotel. Rent out an extra room/house/apartment on Airbnb.
  4. Driver – Become a driver for Uber or Lyft.
  5. Deliver food – Deliver food through a variety of apps.
  6. Blogging – Writing is one of the best ways to share information. Focus in on a topic and build an audience. This gig can be done from anywhere.
  7. Writing eBooks – Become an author and sell your book through Amazon.
  8. Vlogging – If you love chatting more than writing, go explore the world and document your exerpience. Build an audience and promote products and services to earn income.
  9. Editing – Are you good with grammar? Rather than be a writer check other people’s work and become an editor.
  10. Digital Marketing – promote a business or service. Facebook and Google are fantastic places to promote all kinds businesses.
  11. Affiliate Marketing – promote other products or services online and get a commission for doing so. Amazon affiliates is a great network for this.
  12. Graphic Design – Do you know photoshop or Illustrator? Create logos and graphics for businesses.
  13. Product/T-Shirt design – Are you creative and can design logos or graphics? Find a site like TeeSpring or Zazzle to design and sell your creations.
  14. Instagram – Build a following with great photos and make money by promoting products and services. You can also become a photographer and take photographs of people for their Instagram. You can run Instagram marketing campaigns.
  15. Dropshipping store – Create a store and have others fullfil the orders. Shopify is a great place to start.
  16. Tutoring – Help people get better at a skill. People of all ages need help learning new skills.
  17. Teaching – Everyone has skills that they can pass along to others. Teach at your local community college.
  18. Create and sell your own product/service – Make or manufacture a product and sell it physically or digitally.
  19. part-time job at local retail store – every retail business needs part time workers to fill in the gaps.
  20. doing peoples taxes – Help individuals, couples, and businesses prepare their taxes.
  21. Seasonal retail jobs – Christmas and tax season requires extra workers.
  22. Amazon FBA – Sell products through amazon.
  23. Invest in the stock market – Stock dividends offer monthly and quarterly passive income.

Financial independence can be achieved. Adding a side hustle is a great way to reach independence faster and have a better quality of life.

My two side hustles are real estate and blogging and I love it. They give me extra spending money and I feel like I am being more productive. I like adding value in the world.

A side hustle is also something that is yours! I work everyday for a boss that I love, but I do not get to make decisions. Having a side hustle makes me feel like I have some measure of control over my life and that is priceless.

Be persistent

There is no overnight success.

You need to pick something and stock with it. If you tell yourself you will be successful you will find a way to be successful. Don’t give up if nothing happens right away.

These are great side hustle ideas. What they all have in common is customers. Your hustle should serve other people. You need customers to have a business. You need to provide a valuable product/service to fill a need in the market.

And then don’t forget marketing. If you are great at something promote it.

What are your thoughts or ideas? Leave a comment or email me.

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