You need to be rich!

For the longest time I thought I didn’t need to build wealth. I already had a pretty good life. The media keeps telling me that the 1% are evil and only work for themselves. And I am sure in many cases, but definitely not all. And then one day I got laid off from my job.

It was terrible feeling. One day I was working and got a call of all things from some manager that I had never spoken to. She told “the needs of the business had changed” effective immediately. I was shocked. I loved my company and it seems like everything was going well. But sometimes that is how life worked. I kept looking at my bank account hoping that it was magically grow or somehow the next time I looked at it there would be a big deposit. But that never happened and I had to start applying for new jobs and going on new interviews, because I had not been preparing to be laid off.

Now I was not completely broke luckily, living paycheck to paycheck. I had a few thousand dollars saved in the bank. But as the days started going by I started to get worried and knew that I was going to have to make some serious life choices.

And I did just that. Sometime you have to get knocked down to discover your values. I knew that I did not want to go back to working a retail job, begging my manager for a promotion that was never going to come, that was me working at the Apple Store. No, I was going to do whatever it takes to become financially independent. I wanted to have that F-you money. So I could walk away from any job without looking back knowing that I was not only going to be fine, but also thrive. AKA I want to be rich.

And spoiler alert, I am not yet rich or I have not yet reached my financial independence retirement number, but I am on the path working toward it and that is all that matters. But something happened along my journey is the title of the article. I discovered that being rich is not just about buying a big house with a Tesla in California. Don’t get me wrong I love those things and they are amazing.

Being rich gives you lots of options. But material things only take you so far and then they wear off. I knew that if I bought all those things I was going to be right back in that place where I could be laid off and then I would have that same awful feeling.

Being rich is about having a purpose and mission. One of the things that happened once I started making money and telling other people that I was making money was that I got approached by a friend of mine that told me they sponsored a child in Africa and that I should do one or more since I had the money. And I was intrigued. My dream vacation has always been a safari in Africa and I still have yet to go on one. So I was intrigued about sponsoring a child. I knew that I could afford, but I had never really thought about being philanthropic. So I went home looked at all the information online and pulled the trigger.

To this day I sponsor a little girl in the Democratic Republic of the Congo named Mima. It is the most amazing things.

I started doing more nonprofit work. Volunteering and running for cancer. You kind of get addicted. Basically I felt like I was rich because I was doing what rich people do. Being a philanthropist. On a small level of course.

This is why YOU need to be rich. You have ideas and dreams and family and friends that could use your help and resources. You can change people’s lives. And if politics has taught me anything it is that the more money you have the louder your voice is. The bigger impact you could make.

What if I was so rich that I could sponsor an entire village or school. Or give money so that new trees can be planted in the Amazon. The possibilities are endless.

If you were rich you could travel world in style, invest in new projects, donate to charity, create a charity, buy a Tesla. I am getting excited just thinking of all the possibilities.

What are your dreams? Maybe you should start acting like you are. Like now.

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