The best finance apps

The smartphone is an indespensible part of your life. With your phone you can get the latest updates about your money wherever you go. From your phone you can make stock trades, check your bank account, credit score, budget and even make transactions. That doesnt even include the endless list of shopping apps available. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android there are tons of financial apps that can assist you in managing your money.

Things You Can Do With Apps:

  • Trade stocks
  • Make a budget
  • Invest in a stock portfolio
  • Open a savings or checking acct
  • Pay for items at the store
  • Redeem Coupons
  • Make shopping lists
  • Earn cash back

Top Financial Apps
Control your money with your phone.

  1. Robinhood. Stock account with no purchasing fees.
  2. Mint – High quality budgeting app, where you can connect your financial accounts.
  3. Simple Bank – Online banking.
  4. iBillionaire – Investment app that follows the portfolios for the world’s billionaires
  5. Apple Wallet – Payment App. Store Cret
  6. Pay Pal – Payment and bank account
  7. Apple Stocks – market, stock, and news updates
  8. Square – Payment and bank account.
  9. Fudget – Personal budget app for monthly income and expenses. Simple and easy to use, but not as many features as other apps.
  10. Clarity Money – Personal budgeting apps allows to create budget, connect accounts, and cancel unwanted subcriptions.
  11. Stash – Connect your bank account and start making investments in the stock market. Automated Investment app. This app does charge fees for helping manage your money.
  12. Wall Steet Journal – Daily news and updates about stocks and the market.
  13. CNBC – Daily headline news about global financial markets and interviews with executives.
  14. Marketwatch – Stock research and investing articles.

Information = wealth. Make wise choices.

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