Financial Freedom Money Mindset

You must let go of the beliefs that are holding you back.

Identify thoughts of fear, doubt, anxiousness, anger. Recognize that you are having those thoughts. Do not entertain them. Form a new thought and turn that thought into a habit.

Create better habits. Rather than binge eating, breathe, meditate, read, exercise. Do whatever it takes to break the old habit and form a new habit.

The person holding you back is yourself. You have all of the tools you need to be rich and successful. Basically its your brain. Now don’t misunderstand me. It is going to take a shitton of work, patience, learning and asking for help – from friends, family and strangers to become rich and successful. You are going to have to stretch yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Make a cold call.

Let me repeat that. You are going to have to make a cold call. I HATE cold calls. I used to be a website salesman and have to cold call churches. Church people are basically paid to be nice. But I would DREAD waking up in the morning and calling people that I did not know and I knew that those people would hate me because I called them trying to sell something. I never got over that fear and eventually left that job.

But the real truth is that deep down I did not care about that product. You do not have to cold call to be successful, but you do have to face and overcome your fears. And a lot of times that means changing your relationship to money.

Whether we like it or not perception of money is shaped by our parents or lack thereof. They are the people we rely upon for everything in childhood and therefore the people we learn about money from. My perception of money was DEFINITELY shaped by my parents. My parents never shared a bank account. They kept their money separate. We never talked about how much money they made, how much they spent, or how to grow money. Instead they argued about money, freaked out when the stock market went down, and saved money in a low interest bearing checking account. They never told me anything about money beyond: Get a government job with a pension, save money. My parents made a good amount of money and my mom inherited some stock from her father. My father NEVER invested in the stock market. He did not “trust” it.

I am a millennial that went to college in 2008. There was no savior coming to drop a bag of money in my account. And I wanted to have an exciting life where I got to go travelling. I was going to have to be smart and go beyond the knowledge that my parents passed down to me. I had to educate myself about how money works. How to make the money you have grow. What are index funds and ROTH IRAs.

You have to do the same.

If you currently do not make as much money as you want maybe you need to start a business. Maybe you need to learn how to negotiate your salary. Maybe you need to go learn a new marketable skill.

I work in the tech sector, but that is only one passion of mine. The tech biz is all done online. You do not actually touch and smell and feel the things you create. That’s why I like real estate I want to touch different materials and create something beautiful and functional. But in order to realize the dream of being in real estate that meant I was going to have to start my own business. And that is scary.

Maybe you need to start your own business. Whatever your cliff is, jump off of it and then make it work.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect. You just have to start somewhere and then try your best to make improvements.

You are never alone. I often feel alone even though I have so many people in my life. And that is the same with money and business. Tons of people have been in the exact same broke ass position as you and have become successful. It really isn’t that hard it just takes patience, persistence and a plan.

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