Make more money, create more value

If you are trying to make money, you need to create value for an organization. You may be an employee or you may be a entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is value. Businesses exist to create value for customers.

Look at Amazon, look at Walmart. They are successful because they provide products to customers quickly and easily. Apple provides customers with iphones and computers they cannot live without. People will pay anything for the value Apple adds to their life.

What if that could be me? What if that could be you? Can we get people to pay us to add value to their lives? If you are an employee for a business chances are you are already doing this. For me, I am an employee at a SaaS company. Whenever our business signs up a new client I set up the software to meet the business needs. I have done this hundreds of times so I know our business software inside and out. My knowledge and speed provides value to my employer, because I provide value to the customer.

When I become more knowledgeable I become more valuable. And if you are an employee you need to document your efforts and even if its just on a notepad that only you will see. Write down what you do and how it adds value to your organization. Then approach your superior armed with this information and present it and ask how you can improve. Once you improve your performance based on their feedback then ask to be compensated accordingly.

It is not enough to know information. There are plenty of people that have lots of knowledge, but never take the leap. You must put your knowledge in practice. You will make more income when you get more people to respond to your actions. Whether that means creating a product and selling it or performing more tasks at work that benefit the organization.

You are your own boss. Everyone has someone they have to answer to. Employees have to answer to their manager. Owners must answer to the board of directors. Entrepreneurs must answer to their customers. But before you answer to any of those people you have to listen to yourself. What is in your best interest. No one has your back as much as you.

That was a hard lesson for me to learn. My parents wanted me to have a traditional job in the medical field. But of course I hated science. So I went down the technology path and they had no idea what I was doing. But I had to listen to my inner voice that I was doing what was best for me.

And how did it turn out?

Rather than dealing with one medical patient at a time. I impacted thousands of individuals by setting up mentoring programs through my company’s software. By listening to myself I created more value that I would have otherwise. It all comes back to value.

My biggest dream was to be an entrepreneur. And I have done just that I started my own business and am on the path to growing it. If you can create value for one person, you can do it for the masses. If you can do it, you must do it. Because no one else is going to do it like you can.

How do you create value?

  1. Create something or learn how to do something. Right now you already have skills that you could monetize.
  2. Scale – create more products or teach other people to do something.
  3. Be persistent – do it over and over again. And get better through innovation.

Ford did not stop with the first car. Ford continues innovate and improve their products each day.

Have a plan or roadmap. Once you have identified what value you can create then you need a plan. And that plan may fail, but take the failure and put together another. Just dont give up as long as your alive you are still in the game. Sam Walton failed before be created the biggest business in the world.

Once you have your plan, automate it so you can actually have a life.

This is all a lifelong pursuit, not a sprint.

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