Being rich starts in the brain

Why I was I so damn frustrated? I had a stable job, great house, great city, dog, car, vacations etc.

But I still had this feeling like I was missing something. All the things that society had told me to attain I had and yet still I felt like what there is something that I had not yet discovered.

I want to make an impact in life, but am I really making an impact at job? Not really. Just working like a lemming for a paycheck.

The part that really made take a hard look at myself was my tough breakup. My boyfriend broke up with me and I had nothing to fall back on. So I decided to move back in with my parents and put my life back together. I hated that feeling of being helpless. The truth is I was never helpless, I had just let someone into life that was temporary when I thought it was going to be permanent. But I decided that I was going to take control of my life and it was all going to start with my money.

You need an emergency fund. I would suggest 1 year to 2 years of cash in case someone destroys your life or you lose your job. As a product of the 2008 recession I am always aware that a business can fire you in the blink of an eye. If you are an employee your first loyalty should be to your own future not that of the business you work. That doesn’t mean be lazy don’t try. You should try to be the best at whatever you, even if you hate it.

Always have a resume ready and up to date, even if you are an entrepreneur or have a great job that you love. You never what is going to happen.

The truth is if you were born in the United States you are more wealthy than the vast majority of the world. That does not mean that poverty does not exist, but you have better foundation than people born into less developed countries. But you have to make good choices.

The choices you make in life are everything. Are you investing in the stock market? Have you created your own business? Did you select a high paying job to pursue in school. The choices you make determine your wealth.

For the longest time, I look at myself as a victim of circumstance. I felt like I was not getting ahead because of the world around. But then I started ready and doing some self evaluation and determined that I make choices everyday that determines my future. I have the power to evolve and adapt to the world. And it can also adapt to me.

Why do I want I want to be rich? Because I want F-U money. Financial freedom. So you don’t have to work endlessly at that 9 to 5 job.

But what if you can create that feeling without have a million dollars in the bank? That should be your goal.

If you are not happy now, you are not going to feel much different with a bigger bank account. Once you purchase all the stuff you are still going to be the same person and have the same feelings.

  1. Decide you are rich in a variety of ways besides money.
  2. Do a self evaluation. Binge the things you enjoy and cut out the things that don’t bring you enjoy.
  3. Become an expert at something you enjoy and then monetize that.

The most important principle:

  • Make good choices

Don’t do drugs. Don’t get in trouble with the law. Invest money monthly so it becomes a habit. Invest in yourself: what ever that means to you. Don’t go heavy into personal debt.

Sweat the big choices and then don’t worry as much with the little ones.

Being rich and living a rich life are 2 different things. You have to work on both of them to be fullfilled.

Tell yourself everyday that you are rich. It is a lifelong pursuit and you will get there.

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