Passive income for introverts

It took me a long time to figure out what type of person I was. I am an introvert. Society often glamorizes people that are extroverts. You see successful people as ones that can socialize and sell things and have lots of friends. And those people are have value and are needed to reach a mass audience. But they are not an entire organization. There are so many different kinds of people in the world.

An introvert is someone that gets their energy by spending time with themselves. They can fun and ongoing, but that requires energy and effort and can leave them exhausted. Extroverts get their energy from others. Knowing what type of person you are can help you make better life choices. You can choose a career that you are more naturally equipped for. You will not be as stressed to go to a job that is always outside of your scope.

Like I said I am an introvert. I went to work for a software company as their Sales and Marketing Director. I was good at selling, but the longer I worked there the more stress it was causing me to just go into the office. It took all of my energy to go in everyday and do my job so I had nothing left to give to anyone else. And after a long enough period of time that takes its toll.

Society does not often show you the Bill Gates of the world. People that are thoughtful and hardworking and less inclined to speak publicly or stand in the spot light. But those people are invaluable. They create amazing products and services. Sometimes they are amazing writers or mathematicians. They have lots of focus and determination.

If you are one of those people there are specific jobs that you are uniquely qualified for. You can use your skills to build up your monthly income. You can create assets to continually pay you passive income which you can use for expenses or investments.

Here are some traits of Introverts

◦ Observant

◦ Self-sufficient

◦ Focused

◦ Emotionally intelligent

◦ Low maintenance

Here are jobs that are perfect for someone who identifies as an introvert.

◦ Writing articles – write articles for a magazine or a blog.

◦ Photo editing – Use your Adobe photoshop or Illustrator skills to edit photos for photographers.

◦ Writing code – Become a computer engineer and develop software and features online that customer will use over and over.

◦ Develop an app – Creat an app that people can download on iPhone or Android.

◦ Blogging – Start your own blog about yourself or a topic you are passionate about.

◦ Medical coding – Healthcare is the biggest part of the nation’s economy.

◦ Graphic design – If you are really creative use your design skills to create logos or graphics for businesses. Beautiful graphics and images are essential for marketing to customers.

◦ Dividends – By far my favorite, make smart stock investments that pay dividends.

◦ Affiliate marketing – Build and audience and encourage them to purchase products that will benefit them.

◦ Dropshipping – create an online store without have to do any of the inventory.

◦ Online store – Sell your own products or services online.

◦ Crafting – Maybe you can sew or make jewelry. Make greats products that people will love and sell them.

◦ Music royalties – Purchasing assets at the right price is always a smart move. In demand products will always produce cash.

Everyone has a unique superpower. This is something you can do better than other people. I am better at writing than public speaking. I have intense focus on one task rather than multitasking.

Do a self evaluation.

Use this list to find exactly what works for you. Since I am good at writing I choose to create a blog.

Now it your turn to go and make wise choices. A greater life is waiting for you.

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